Friday, September 7, 2007

Brushing Teeth

And now, a musing. Why is it that toothbrush companies want to make their products XXXTreme? I mean, isn't it enough to say "This toothbrush keeps your teeth clean!"? Why do they have to go out and say stupid things like "New flexbristle technology with virus-killing DESTRUCTOIDS!"

Toothbrushes aren't XXXTreme. They're not even cool. They're...well, toothbrushes. They brush teeth, and they don't do much else. Sometimes they clean other things.

Toothbrush companies: No amount of rebranding is going to make your products any more cool and desirable. Just stop now while you can still save a little face.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Scooters? Why is one of the examples for labels in the Blogger text editor-majoo "scooters?" Who out there has a blog in which scooters play that big a role? I betcha anything that one of the people who work at Blogger is a scooter afficianado. That is too a word, Mr. Spellcheck dude.

On another note entirely, Chief Inspector Blancheflower is easily the most genius song on Blueberry Boat. Everyone I've talked to who has actually listened to the entirety of the album seems to like Mason City the most. I don't blame them. It's easily the most catchy song on the album. I just wish more people had the patience to appreciate the less catchy songs on the album.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First Post!

So this is a blog. It serves as both my personal blog and as a place to post news and updates from my personal website. I will try to post things daily. Also, website news will be labeled "news," so you don't have to do too much wading to read the important stuff.

So I was thinking, I hate pretentious fiction writers. "Oh, yeah, I try to convey the human experience through my writing!" What the hell? Like any of us need to read a book to get the human experience. We're already having it, and unfortunately pretentious authors like the imaginary idiot I'm talking about are part of it. It seems to me that too many authors forget that they are storytellers. They are there to write engaging and entertaining stories. Not to convey the human experience. Stupid pretentious authors.